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Anonymous: Hiii What app do you use to recognise the clothes people wear in pics. For ios ?

I dont use any apps like that and im pretty sure there arent any, sorry!

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Anonymous: but wouldn't eleanor have worn shorts or something cause of the change in weather?

Ommg why does it matter if she wears pants or shorts

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Anonymous: Hey, i was wondering, how is Eleanor's natural hair. It seems to be wavy/curly, cause i saw some photos of her with her hair wet, but I don't know. And it seems like Eleanor lightened her hair at the roots also, is kinda lighter than before.

Yeah its pretty wavy!

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Anonymous: Do you think you could guess why Eleanor wore long pants, jackets, sweaters, etc while she was in NYC? It was like 80-90 degrees when she was there! I feel like I'm the only one who noticed because I didn't see anybody else mention it xx

Maybe cause of the weather transition from england to nyc? Idk im just guessing but yeah i didnt even notice!

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Anonymous: Eleanor has an amazing body and is so beautiful, but how does she do that? Xx

Magic beans baby

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Anonymous: Do you know what el's skin routine is?? Xxxxx

Nope sorry!

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Anonymous: Hello! I honestly think Eleanor is a lovely girl but since graduating college, I feel like she has no job or planned to get one. I feel like she is just living the life of a one direction girlfriend when she should also be living her life.

Im sure she has, thats just something happening or going to happen in her personal life tht she obviously probably wont share to everyone x

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Anonymous: Hey Celia!! Does vinted only allow buying and selling through paypal??

Nope! you can if you want but most people dont

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I wont have very much access to the internet for the next 2 weeks so i’ll come on when i can!

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Anonymous: I love your blog

thank you!

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