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Anonymous: Hi:). I know that Eleanor uses the Nars bronzer, but do you happen to know what shade/ which one?😊

Didnt know she uses that so i dont! if i were to guess, probably the laguna one x

September 5, 2014 • 3 Enchanted • reblog →
Anonymous: Are you going to be doing more autumn/winter inspired outfits again this year? btw. I loveeeeeeeeee you

Probably! I’ll see if i have time this weekend :) love you too!!!

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Anonymous: What's your opinion on flower crowns?

Dont like them, but i do like them in editorials!

September 1, 2014 • 1 Enchanted • reblog →
Anonymous: Hahaha people ask you so personal stuff about el but how the hell would you know ???

Ive been asking nyself the same question for years girl

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Anonymous: Hiii What app do you use to recognise the clothes people wear in pics. For ios ?

I dont use any apps like that and im pretty sure there arent any, sorry!

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Anonymous: but wouldn't eleanor have worn shorts or something cause of the change in weather?

Ommg why does it matter if she wears pants or shorts

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Anonymous: Hey, i was wondering, how is Eleanor's natural hair. It seems to be wavy/curly, cause i saw some photos of her with her hair wet, but I don't know. And it seems like Eleanor lightened her hair at the roots also, is kinda lighter than before.

Yeah its pretty wavy!

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Anonymous: Do you think you could guess why Eleanor wore long pants, jackets, sweaters, etc while she was in NYC? It was like 80-90 degrees when she was there! I feel like I'm the only one who noticed because I didn't see anybody else mention it xx

Maybe cause of the weather transition from england to nyc? Idk im just guessing but yeah i didnt even notice!

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Anonymous: Eleanor has an amazing body and is so beautiful, but how does she do that? Xx

Magic beans baby

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Anonymous: Do you know what el's skin routine is?? Xxxxx

Nope sorry!

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