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by ubhie
Anonymous: I looked at your workout section, and you said dancing was how you keep your legs thin. But you would usually start ballet and dance when you're younger. So do you have any alternate ways to keep your legs thin? Thanks in advance xx

Well like other sports or just workouts? At the gym doing lifts with weights on your ankles are really good like lifting it up 45 degrees then back down but not touching the ground is a really good workout for your legs. Another really good workout mainly for your thighs and butt is squats, like the call me maybe squat challenge (on YouTube) but if you want to do sports there is track or soccer which is really good for your legs but sometimes it might not do the trick. I started ballet when i was 10 and there are alot of people starting when they are older so you dont have to do it when your younger! Hope this helps love(: xx

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